Vero Beach – Historic Driftwood Inn and Waldos Restaurant

This building uses driftwood building materials in the architecture. Not sure what all the bells are, but there were several of those in the art too with cast iron decor. The Inn is also a resort that has one room type hotels as well as 1-2 bedroom vacation resorts. There is a central pool areaContinue reading “Vero Beach – Historic Driftwood Inn and Waldos Restaurant”

Last Lock \ Stuart \ Vero Beach \ Melbourne Beach

It’s been 6 days since our last blog post and those days have been ‘crazy busy fun’. Lots of photos to share (too many actually). For every pic below there are 3-5 more that didn’t make the cut. We’ll try to do better as we advance our blogging skills. The past 6 days journal wouldContinue reading “Last Lock \ Stuart \ Vero Beach \ Melbourne Beach”

Lake Okeechobee to Port St Lucie

What an awesome day on the water! Lake Okeechobee is huge. We left Roland Martin Marina late (~8am). All the fishermen were gone well before day light. Motoring carefully across this shallow (~8-10′) lake took a couple of hours but it was beautiful. Then we were back in the St Lucie Canal headed toward Stuart.Continue reading “Lake Okeechobee to Port St Lucie”

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is our first post on this new blog. We’re just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when we post new updates. Click here to learn about America’s Great Loop

The Bailey’s (Larry and Mary)

Larry and Mary have started the grand adventure referred to as America’s Great Loop. We started this blog to share our adventure with others. As we travel the 6,000 mile journey we hope to make time to journal a few of the highlights with pictures and videos. Some background….Originally from Tennessee (Larry) and Nevada (Mary),Continue reading “The Bailey’s (Larry and Mary)”