Knoxville Side Trip – going up the Tennessee River Oct 6-18th

We decided to head on a side trip to Knoxville, TN to see a UT Football game and be part of the Vol Navy. We had only about a week and a half to get there, so we started off and averaged about 80 miles a day getting to Knoxville. Most of the days, weContinue reading “Knoxville Side Trip – going up the Tennessee River Oct 6-18th”

St. Louis Arch and Mississippi River October 2nd – 3rd

Leaving Alton we travelled down the Mississippi River and saw where the Missouri River joined into the Mississippi. We would soon be crossing in front of the St. Louis Archway — so we notified all our family to watch the EarthCam. Just before the Arch is the Eds Bridge built in the 1860’s, it isContinue reading “St. Louis Arch and Mississippi River October 2nd – 3rd”

Alton, IL + side trip to Las Vegas – September 20th – October 1st

Next stop was Alton, Illinois. We found lots of other loopers (~ 20 looper boats) at this marina. One of them, Inked Mermaid, crossed their wake at this marina and were already showing their gold looper flag! We parked the boat in a covered slip next to “Its a Wonderful Life” — how appropriate… OurContinue reading “Alton, IL + side trip to Las Vegas – September 20th – October 1st”

Henry Harbor, Peoria + first overnight anchorage, Illinois – September 17 – 19

We left Heritage Harbor after a fun week in Chicago with the Macias family. We had an easy 46 mile day, went through Starved Rock Lock and started to see a lot more barges on this part of the Illinois River. After arriving at our destination in Henry, Illinois, we tied up to an abandonedContinue reading “Henry Harbor, Peoria + first overnight anchorage, Illinois – September 17 – 19”

Chicago Area!! – September 10-16

We made it to Chicago and were so excited to see the kids and Grandbaby, Estella Ana! Erin, Noe and Stella spent the night on the boat with us the first night. We walked around Navy Point and had a Giordano’s the REAL Chicago Pizza Pie – YUM! The next morning, Julio (Noe’s brother) andContinue reading “Chicago Area!! – September 10-16”

Waukegan, Illinois – September 9th

The Waukegan Harbor and Marina were very nice. There was another Silverton (like ours except 2003) that had an $18K Davit system that was so nice. They had courtesy bikes which we borrowed to go downtown. We stopped for an early dinner at La Casa de Samuel mexican restaurant, where we had margaritas and quesoContinue reading “Waukegan, Illinois – September 9th”

Milwaukee, WI – September 6-7th

Walking around Milwaukee, we saw some interesting sites. We stayed at the McKinley Marina and walked downtown. We saw a statue of Father Marquette who was one of the first white men to visit Milwaukee in 1674. The first day was sunny and we saw some swan paddleboats along with Art downtown. Next day wasContinue reading “Milwaukee, WI – September 6-7th”

Sheboygan, WI – September 4-5th

Seboygan, Wisconsin was an interesting town. We rented a couple little scooters that took us around town. We went to church and had a nice dinner for our 34th anniversary! We found this cute outdoor park called Bookworms Gardens — it was fun to walk around and remember all the childhood stories that were displayedContinue reading “Sheboygan, WI – September 4-5th”