St Patricks Day \ Coronavirus Pandemic \ SpaceX \ Bonus Video

A slow week here in the Titusville \ Cocoa Beach area with all NASA museums and all the Orlando theme parks closed due to virus spreading fears. Pretty much non-essential thing is cancelled and closed. For us that included a cruise, a Disney trip, and a country music concert. No worries, we’ve adjusted and areContinue reading “St Patricks Day \ Coronavirus Pandemic \ SpaceX \ Bonus Video”

Titusville \ Manatees \ Dolphins \ SpaceX \ Corona Virus \ Friends from TN

What a crazy busy time it’s been for the last 6 days. Immediately upon our return to Titusville Marine from Vegas, we moved the boat to a less nearby windy slip. That morning the dolphins were playing early in the marina harbor. Later in the day we saw our first manatee, then several more thatContinue reading “Titusville \ Manatees \ Dolphins \ SpaceX \ Corona Virus \ Friends from TN”

Last Lock \ Stuart \ Vero Beach \ Melbourne Beach

It’s been 6 days since our last blog post and those days have been ‘crazy busy fun’. Lots of photos to share (too many actually). For every pic below there are 3-5 more that didn’t make the cut. We’ll try to do better as we advance our blogging skills. The past 6 days journal wouldContinue reading “Last Lock \ Stuart \ Vero Beach \ Melbourne Beach”