Paducah, Kentucky – October 4-5th

It was another long 98 mile day to Paducah, KY where we stayed at the city dock.

That night we walked to town very close to the boat and had some seafood at Broussard’s Cajun restaurant. On the walk back, we saw part of the large mural wall that was the city wall to protect them from high water on the river.

The next day we took a look around town, and learned about some history of this place — like it was purchased for $5, less than the cost of Merriwether Lewis’ (of Lewis and Clark) dog…

We visited the National Quilt Museum with our very nice bartender, CJ, from the night before who had only been in Paducah 6 months with her mother, from Chicago. She had never been to the Quilt Museum, so we paid for a ticket for her to go with us.

There was a 911 Exhibit on display at the museum and several quilts had this theme.

The National Tribute Quilt was enormous, it listed all the victims who perished in the World Trade Center, and on all four hijacked flights and in the Pentagon.

There was a quilt with pictures from the newspapers of missing persons and some children’s letters about that day. It was a good exhibition and reminder of what happened.

Another part of the museum was quilts of wildlife. The fabric pieces in some of these were so small!! There is a puzzle in the Tiger quilt — see if you can find all 16 tigers in that one!

The most interesting quilt was the wooden quilt pictured here. Made completely from wood and hand-painted, you would never know this was not fabric.

All in all, the quilt museum was well worth the visit — even if you aren’t into sewing!! For lunch we went to the Paducah Axe — We didn’t throw any axes, but it was an option

Finally we took a walk, and a closer look at the city wall with murals depicting the history of Paducah on it. This was very interesting. The city wall had saved the city during different years, as was noted on the foot markers with dates on the wall.

There is at least a quarter mile of murals on the wall, below is just a sampling of what we saw. Noteworthy is that Paducah is also known as the Atomic City and is the nations only uranium enrichment facility.

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