Georgian Bay – Wrights Marina, Little Current City Docks and Blind River Marina in Ontario August 22-24th

We left Midland early – around 7 AM and headed into the Georgian Bay. The weather for the next few days was going to be great so we opted to go into the main bay instead of through the 30 thousand islands. We ran across one of our buddy boats, Aquaholic, who was heading the same direction. We both were going 8 mph, just enjoying the calm waters. Along the way, we thought we would blow a little soot out of our turbo chargers as we had been experiencing some chugging of the engine at times — like it wasn’t getting enough fuel. After a few minutes, our engines both quit and we were adrift in the Georgian Bay. Our buddy boat was checking with us and helped us trouble shoot the problem being fuel filters that had clogged. Luckily we had a new set of fuel filters on the boat, so once we changed those, we were back in business and underway once again.

We found the day so calm that we decided to move a little farther to where another buddy boat was – “What a Day”. They had opted to stay at Wright’s Marina in Britt, Ontario, so both us and Aquaholic decided to go there too. This was fun as we all went to a burger and ice cream joint for dinner, then played dice games until looper mid-night.

We left Wright’s Marina at 7:30 AM and headed out to the Georgian Bay — we intended to go as far as Killaney — but again, it was a fairly nice day on the water.

As we had an early start, we decided to continue on to Little Current Town Docks for the night — they also had power and water and moved us a little further along.

At Little Current Town Docks, we met some very nice Canadian Loopers, who wanted to come to America to continue their Great American Loop, unfortunately, the US Border was not open to Canadians. They could fly into America, but could not boat over. Seems dumb.

Our next stop was Blind River — This was a very small marina about 1 mile from town.

We took a walk downtown. Many places were closed and it was quite a sleepy little town.

Published by labailey2020

We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

One thought on “Georgian Bay – Wrights Marina, Little Current City Docks and Blind River Marina in Ontario August 22-24th

  1. Sounds like you guys are having an awesome time!!

    Tell your Canadian Looper friends to go to the southern border, we let anybody in there!!


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