Visit to Chicago Macias Family August 1-3 then back to Sackets Harbor to wait for Canada to open August 9th

After dropping Shelley off at the Rochester Airport, Larry and I went on a 9 hour driving adventure to Chicago to visit Erin, Noe and of course Stella! We had a great couple of days with them. They drove us by their new home that they will move into in September. Stella was a lot of fun, but not daring enough to take steps on her own yet. We brought our firearms and alcohol to Erin for safe-keeping while we were in Canada.

Back at the Port of Rochester, we were glad to see the local police force who guarded the parking area at the marina were still there as they had been every night. The next day we started our trek from Rochester back to Navy Point Marina, in Sackets Harbor where we will await the opening of Canada on August 9th. On our journey, we found our deepest water yet on Lake Ontario at 753 feet!

It was good to be back at Sackets Harbor — we really enjoyed this place. Coming back again gave us a chance to visit more of the battlefield and commanders buildings that dated back to the war of 1812, We also got to eat breakfast again at the Tin Can Galley — the stuffed French Toast was the bomb!!

It was hard to tell who really won the War of 1812 — Americans thought British won, but then later both sides thought they each had won the battle. One things for sure, it was hard being in the Navy or Army at that time. Just one look at the recipe for Scotch Coffee will tell you that it was tough — boil burnt biscuits in water until it has consistency of shoe polish then add sweetener… Ugg!

We toured the commanders barracks that had been refurbished since the war of 1812 and was lived in by a higher ranking commander for the battlefield for some time after the war. Interesting things seen in the house are included here…

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

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