Sodus Marina, Sodus Point, NY July 19-21

Heading out of Sackets Harbor, we had a long day trek from the St. Lawrence Seaway to Sodus Bay out on Lake Ontario. Although the wind and waves were supposed to be not too bad, we found that motoring at our normal pace of 8-10 mph was challenging and the rolling wave action was a little much!

A heavy fog set in on Lake Ontario and we couldn’t see very far ahead of us. We got close to “Quite Nice” before we actually caught sight of them in the fog to pass by. Fortunately we both had radar and AIS transponders (capable of seeing in the dark and in the fog). As we got further into Lake Ontario, we hit our highest depth since starting the trip in Florida — at a whopping 650 Ft!

So happy to see Sodus Bay — which was a very nice Marina run by Dockmaster Rick and Fisher the dog. They had a nice pool and grilling area that we took advantage of when we weren’t visiting downtown.

Walking around Sodus Point we saw their clock and a veterans memorial complete with a machine gun! The town was quaint — though I’m not sure we understood this house with the Angel in the walkway and Lions guarding. .. The swan came back and brought his family to meet us.

The Sodus Lighthouse and maritime museum was interesting.

Sodus Point was the victim of British attacks in 1813 just after the war of 1812.

I just had to take a picture of these antique “Water Wings” made in Hoboken, New Jersey. According to the printing on them, they don’t hold water, but leak until just the right amount of air is in them to support the swimmer at the right level.

At the maritime museum we learned about the Historic Sodus Point Malt House. The ruins of this building are just in front of the marina where we stayed. This malthouse was originally built in 1882 to make malt from barley. Later this malt house was purchased by the Genesee Brewing Co that produced malt from 1936 – 1986. Today the Genesee Brewing Company still exists just across from Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY.

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One thought on “Sodus Marina, Sodus Point, NY July 19-21

  1. Amazing to see your photos of this part of the country. It is hard to believe how big these lakes are for someone familiar with the southern lakes. Enjoy. Bill and Sandy


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