Oswego, NY July 10-11

After docking the boat securely, we took a walk to go to Saturday night mass at Christ the Good Shepard Catholic Church. It was a nice service that didn’t require masks right here in New York! They had a new priest visiting from Kenya, South Africa who told his story about becoming a priest. God is Good! All the Time!! On our way to church, we passed by Washington Square park — a well maintained public park that had a walking trail, statue, and beautiful landscaping.

There was a fishing tournament going on at the Oswego Marina while we were there.

The next day was spent touring Fort Ontario, which had quite a history! The Fort was first built in 1755 by the English, destroyed by the French a year later, rebuilt 3 years later, then destroyed by Americans in 1778. English rebuilt it again 4 years later, then it was taken by the United States in 1796. The English then destroyed it in 1814. The US proceeded to rebuild it then 3 times, first of earth and timber, second time of stone and concrete, and then it was enlarged and built of brick in 1903-1905.

We visited the Safe Haven Museum which was where around 1000 Holocaust refugees fled to Oswego, NY and were housed at the barracks which had recently been closed. They were housed there until the end of the German regime of Adolf Hitler.

Most of the Jewish refugees remained in New York after the war and there were several who moved to other cites in the US.

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