Little Falls Canal Harbor and Rotary Park, Little Falls, NY June 29-30

After a long day of boating through the Locks, we finally arrived at Little Falls Canal Harbor in Little Falls, New York. This town has several historic buildings and churches from the early 1800’s.

The local baseball team (Little Falls Diamond Dawgs) was playing a game Tuesday night so we took a 2 mile walk after dinner over to the ballfield to watch them play.

The next day, Harbormaster Mark took us for a windshield tour around Little Falls. We got to see quite a bit that morning before the rains came in. Near the locks, there was the ruins of the original Erie Canal Lock in that area that was initially traveled with horses pulling the boats through the canal waterway as they walked alongside on the edge of the canal.

Mark took us by a historic Bread Oven that was used long ago (by Irish women??)

We got so see some views of the Adirondack Mountains and the Mohawk River valley.

Mark also took us by the Catholic Church, and we were able to go inside even though it was Tuesday. The church had beautiful wooden gables and beautiful wooden pews.

Mark gave us a Little Falls Diamond — these are rock crystals found in the area around Little Falls in the Quartz family of minerals. They are same composition as glass, but much harder.

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