Kingston, NY June 20-21

It was a great day heading up the Hudson — sunny and calm – just perfect! We saw this lighthouse on our way to Kingston.

We arrived in Kingston, NY and stayed at the Hudson River Maritime Museum docks. These were nice floating docks located at the museum, next to a park and convenient to history downtown where there were several restaurants.

At the park, there was a farmers market that we enjoyed, and an outdoor festival was going on with some live music and entertainment.

Along with our slip rental we got free admission to the Hudson River Maritime museum. It was a small museum that shared the history of the area on the river. There was an exhibit about the Mary Powell Steamboat built in 1861 that sailed 55 years in the Hudson. She was one of the fastest and luxurious steamboats of her time.

Learned about Ice boating — where these crafts powered by sail would glide on the ice when the Hudson River freezes over in the winter — they did ice yacht racing in the 1880’s!

We took a short run to the Beach in Kingston — located on the Hudson River —- small, but a beach nonetheless.

Then we went on a walking adventure to try and find the movie theater. After 5 miles walking, we took an uber to the local mall that was 90% vacant with most stores closed. We did to to the movie to see part 2 of the Quiet — Mary thought it was a horrible horror movie — next time Larry can go alone…

When we got back to the boat, we cleaned up and ordered a family meal of Lasagna from Savona that we took back to the boat and enjoyed. The take out order included an entire 9×12 lasagna, same size salad, loaf of Italian bread and 32 oz of Sangria for $64 — We will enjoy this for several days!!!

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

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