Poughkeepsie, NY June 19th

Heading North up the Hudson River from Croton-on-Hudson, we went right by West Point Army Academy.

We would have liked to tour this while we were at Croton-on-Hudson, however this military academy (like in Annapolis) was closed to visitors, so we could only take pictures from the river.

After arriving in Poughkeepsie, we went for a walkabout on our way to Saturday 4PM church at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

After Church we went back and had dinner at the Shadow’s Marina restaurant overlooking the river and our boat. This is a gorgeous venue and is used by many weddings for ceremony and reception.

The next morning, we went for a 4-mile run taking us over the two bridges. One was a railroad bridge turned into a walking park — the highest in the country.

Cleaned the boat fenders as we left Shadow’s Marina onto the next stop. It was a sunny morning that turned rainey later. We saw some big boats and sites on the way.

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

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