New York City Harbor June 4th

It was a short trip to New York Harbor from Raritan Bay — and a little overcast as we entered the Harbor. We stayed at the most expensive marina to date: Liberty Landing — that was at the Liberty Landing Park where the Statue of Liberty is.

It was a cloudy day when we arrived, but the view of Lady Liberty was awesome as we came into New York Harbor. we could see New Jersey and New York skylines in the background.

We went for a walk after docking the boat for the evening. At the park we saw the Empty Sky New Jersey September 11th Memorial. It was two great columns with names of New Jersey people who died. Between the columns is where the twin towers once stood and where now there is an empty sky. There was a section of the towers also in front of the memorial.

We also walked through this historic railway station in Liberty Park that was abandoned and served as a museum.

We saw the “Bridge of Nations” memorial symbolizing the connection between Italy and America. It started to rain so we had to cut our walk short, but we got some great pictures of the New York skyline.

The next morning before heading out, we took a ride by the Statue of Liberty once more. It was a bright sunny day that morning — contrasting the pictures from the day before.

Next it was heading up the Hudson River – which was carved by glaciers.

The Hudson River valley on this first day had some spectacular views.

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