Chesapeake City Inn on C+D Canal \ Delaware Bay to Cape May May 30-31

May 30th was our last day on the Chesapeake bay. We traveled in semi rough weather up the bay to the Elk River and into the C&D canal.

After our long day to Chesapeake City Inn, we took some time to update the blog and then met some other loopers at the Tiki Bar. Some of them joined us later on our boat for appetizers and a game of “Liars Dice”. There was no walking around time here and it was only in the 50’s so pretty cold!!

Loopers – Carol (Spirit), Stella (dog) and her owner (Agape), Linda (Indigo Seas), and Mary (Living the Dream)

The following day May 31st, we were back on the canal early for the long journey down the Delaware Bay to Cape May.

Saw this large Barge on the C&D Canal

After our arrival, we took a walk to downtown Cape May where the historic town and shopping areas were — about 1.5 miles walk. We walked by an entire neighborhood of historic homes from the 1800’s.

It was a sunny day and not too cold so we stopped to have some pizza before heading back to the boat and grocery shopping.

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

3 thoughts on “Chesapeake City Inn on C+D Canal \ Delaware Bay to Cape May May 30-31

  1. Look forward my Uncle Bill and his oldest grandson, new college grad, on a boat named Miss Mary! I need to see where they are.

    Deb Reynolds 423-723-7017


    1. Miss Mary was just south of us yesterday in a marina. I don’t see them on Nebo today. Are they headed north or south?


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