Annapolis, MD — May 23-25

On our trip to Annapolis, we saw the largest number of sailing and motor vessels since starting our trip.  Must have seen 100+ as we went into Annapolis – even though it was a Sunday, we chalked it up to being the beginning of the weekend before Memorial week and the week before Midshipmen graduation at the Naval Academy.

As it turned out, our boat was only parked a couple blocks away from the Naval Academy entrance, unfortunately the academy was closed to the public still from CoVID.

We parked the boat on Ego Alley.  A narrow waterway that dead-ended in 200 yards, and boats paraded there all day back and forth down the narrow alley.  One interesting boat was powered by a stepper on the back and steered with a paddle board paddle in front. 

At the end of Ego Alley was a commemorative statue of Alex Haley who wrote the book Roots.  This location commemorated the arrival of Kunta Kinte and other slaves on these shores into bondage. 

We stopped at Pussers to get a picture of our boat just across Ego Alley – they were too busy there to serve us…  Picture of the Maryland State Capital from the main shopping street in Annapolis.  Also a great sunset shot behind the capital from our boat parked at the Annapolis city docks.

Walking to breakfast at Chick and Ruth’s – a popular spot for Midshipmen families as well during graduation week.

We watched a fabulous Blue Angel’s air show from our boat on Tuesday, the day before their real show for Midshipmen graduation week.

Blue Angels Air Show

We decided to go on a pub crawl complete with oysters, beer, smashed peas, lamb balls, “new Fashioned’ drink, etc. We started at O’Brian’s and went to McGarveys Saloon, the Middleton Tavern, and Galway Bay. It was fun walking around all the old town buildings.

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