Traveling Potomac River to Washington, DC (May 11 -12)

Tuesday May 11th we departed Colonial Beach, VA on a perfect weather day for a ~50 mile cruise up the Potomac River to Belmont Bay on the Occoquan River, VA.

Conditions were ideal for the journey with no wind or waves to speak of. The only delay in our travel was a slow down for some bridge construction work. When we arrived we filled up the tanks with diesel — this is when we found out about the Colonial Pipeline that was hacked and the Dockmaster suggested we sip our fuel until this issue gets calmed down. We walked 1.7 miles to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner.

The following day (Wednesday, May 12th) was equally great for cruising the final leg to Washington DC with a stop at Mount Vernon along the way. The distance traveled was just over 30 miles.

Mount Vernon was wonderful… many historical sights to see. Mt Vernon is the 500-acre estate of George Washington and his family – with only about 50 acres open to the public. We had to dock ourselves at their Wharf then sign some paperwork to dock there. We got tickets to tour the outside areas, visitor center, education center and the Mansion furnished with objects dating back to 1740’s.

According to his will, Washington was entombed in a family crypt he had built at the estate (The Old Vault) – built in 1799. In his will, he also requested that a new larger tomb be built – this was done in 1831. George and Martha Washington remains are now in the new tomb and other family members (~54 people) are interred in an inner vault — all were moved from the old tomb located on the property.

The education center was full of history, George as a colonel, his hand in setting up the United States Government, and then as the first sworn president. Some pictures are below.

We arrive at the Capital Yacht Club in Washington DC around 4pm where we were greeted by the marina staff which were very helpful getting us squared away so that we could take in a 4 mile walking tour of the National Mall.

Capital Hill from the Washington Monument
Sun setting with the Washington Monument in the background
Night sky over Washington
Late evening at Capital Yacht Club

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