Brunswick Landing Marina (July 10th) \ Cruising outside (July 11th) \ Savannah (July 11-12)

We made the very short trip from Jekyll Island to Brunswick on a sunny Friday morning to get ‘inexpensive $2/gal diesel’ and prep for an early morning ‘open water’ trip to Savannah.

Brunswick is a pretty neat coastal town that has retained it’s historical downtown storefronts. We ventured downtown to see the sites and grab a bite around 2PM at the highly acclaimed Tipsy McSways (burgers & beer).

One of the cool places was this historic theater, The Ritz. Although it was not currently being used, we were allowed to peak inside and take a few pictures.

It was a very hot day and not much going on or open downtown, so we headed back to the boat for some boat cleaning and a shower. Mary helped the local Dock master with a diesel fuel leak for about 20 minutes from one of the boats that had filled next to our boat. He was glad to have the help and gave us some extra absorbent towels for our future use, (as we used all our ours).

After 8PM when it cooled down, we went back downtown, ordered a pizza to go and stopped in the newly opened Silver Bluff Brewing to enjoy a craft beer with our pizza. Although tables were separated for social distancing and face masks were being worn by some, this location had quite a few patrons so we didn’t stay long.

Silver Bluff Brewing in downtown Brunswick

On Friday morning (7/11) we departed Brunswick for Savannah taking an “open water” route for ~80 miles.

The ~4 hours open ocean run was pretty easy, but not Mary’s favorite way to travel. We do burn a lot more fuel running at 20 mph, about 30 gph, but it’s an excellent way to travel if you need to go far and don’t want to take all day doing it.

As we exited the Saint Simons Sound we passed a huge salvage operation for the MV Golden Ray (lots of cool details about this shipwreck are available at this link .

Once we reached the Wassaw Sound (just off of Tybee Island) it was very easy going up the Bull River to the marina. Interestingly the Bull River is very deep (>50 ft) in many places. Once docked, we did a quick boat cleaning and headed to Saturday evening mass at the local Catholic Church. The Flying Fish Bar & Grill (a short walk from the marine) was an excellent dinner choice. We met the neighboring boaters (Terry and Tammie??) and had some dock-tales later with them. On Sunday (7/12) morning we visited our neighbors again on their boat and met their two lovely friendly parrots (Bella in Green and ??) before leaving Bull River Marina.

Ready to depart Bull River Marina near downtown Savannah

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

One thought on “Brunswick Landing Marina (July 10th) \ Cruising outside (July 11th) \ Savannah (July 11-12)

  1. Looks like you guys are having a really interesting trip! So cool to read about your experiences. Thanks for sharing. On the water is the best place to be right now……We are using the boat club a lot ourselves and enjoying!.


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