Jekyll Island (July 7th thru July 10th)

This is one of Larry’s favorite stops so far. Lots to see and do on this lovely island. Rich with history and amenities. The marina is located near the center of the island and very close to all the major shops with historic downtown a short bike ride away. With complementary bicycles and a couple of temporary use golf carts we managed to see most of the island in just 2 days.

On our way to Jekyll, our dinghy tried to escape when one of the rigging ropes came loose and it started bumping in the water and against the boat. After this, we had to slow down as we towed the dinghy the rest of the way to Jekyll and Larry re-rigged the ropes after we were docked.

The marina was filled to maximum capacity with live aboards as well as transients. The high/low tide changes twice per day and it’s a significant 6ft change. Having floating docks is pretty essential in locations where the tidal changes are large.

Tuesday we took the golf cart tour and then walked back to the market to get a few items for the gourmet dinner onboard.

Went bike riding all around the island. The enormous old trees with moss looking air ferns attached were spectacular.

Then we went to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, where we learned that one of their favorite foods was fiddler crabs! No wonder sea turtle nesting is so popular here!! They had a sea turtle rehabilitation area where turtles were recuperating after surgery or to get them back to good health. We also saw them doing actual surgery on a snake that had eaten a small plastic egg!! (no picture on this one — gross!)

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

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