Fernandina Beach (July 6th) coming and going

This was the route up to Fernandina Beach from Palm Cove

The marina at Fernandina Beach is near the historic downtown area and between a couple of large industrial plants (paper mills) and a huge ship repair facility. We walked around downtown, but it was raining, and by the time we arrived after our storm experience to get here, it was close to 5PM and many places were shutting down. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant within walking distance from the marina and then called it a night.

Living the Dream is in the center of this photo, our neighbors in the HUGE yacht next door were on the Reef Chief
Prior to the American Revolution several British military members occupied the coastal areas of FL and GA. Notice the large crane and cruise ship in the background which are >1/4 mile away.

After our harrowing experience the day before, we really studied the weather to determine the best time to leave out of Fernandina Beach. It looked like there was another chance for thunderstorms on Tuesday around lunchtime, so we opted to get moving early at 7AM to make sure we got to Jekyll Island before noon and avoid the afternoon thunderstorms.

Beautiful morning sunrise as we are leaving Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island at daybreak.

On the way, to Jekyll Island, we passed a naval base near Kings Bay and St. Mary, GA. As we approached the naval security area, we were hailed by naval security and reminded to “keep maximum distance” from the naval ships docked there.

This cute little lighthouse was between Fernandina and Jekyll Island in the St Andrews sound near ‘The Hole’, a location known for Lots of deep water.

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

2 thoughts on “Fernandina Beach (July 6th) coming and going

  1. Not sure if you will get this via email or not. Amelia is my mom’s home. They have some top notch bars and restaurants. Sorry it was raining.

    Deb Reynolds 423-723-7017


  2. Great photos! I am not sure that I have ever seen such a big crane as you guys saw. Bill and I are really glad you had smoother sailing today (without lightening striking close). I recognized your boat because I saw it last November when we and Patti visited. It is a very accommodating vessel so your neighbors boat must be humongous!


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