Back to Titusville for the Ides of March

After a wonderful week in Las Vegas it was time to get back to the boat in Titusville Marina where we had some maintenance items to attend to along with a need to finish our Federal Taxes. Once we returned to the marina we relocated our boat to another, less windy slip of the marina with a great view of the local park. So far this week we’ve had 2 couples from TN visit us. Dave and Brenda Hrivinak were on a camping adventure in FL that allowed them to stop over and spend one night with us, then Gary and Shelley Kerr (who were originally suppose to be on a Royal Caribbean cruise with us and lots of others) decided to come on down to FL anyway. They stayed a couple of days before heading down to Key West. Here’s some photos of our most recent adventures….

Look closely in the center of this rising sun photo and you’ll see one of the many dolphins that play around in the marina.

There is an abundance of manatees in the marina. We see at least 2-3 everyday. They love to catch any drip of fresh water that might happen to run off the boat when we wash down.

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

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