Titusville \ Manatees \ Dolphins \ SpaceX \ Corona Virus \ Friends from TN

What a crazy busy time it’s been for the last 6 days. Immediately upon our return to Titusville Marine from Vegas, we moved the boat to a less nearby windy slip. That morning the dolphins were playing early in the marina harbor. Later in the day we saw our first manatee, then several more that same day. Now it’s routine to see manatees everyday. We had originally planned to be on a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Western Caribbean with a group of friends from TN and FL, but due to fears of the Corona Virus, we all bailed on that trip. Additionally, we had also planned a family gathering at Disney to celebrate our grandson’s first birthday, but soon found out that Disney closed the park and more travel restrictions were being put in place. We did however have the good fortune to have a 2 couples from TN visit us. Dave and Brenda Hrivnak were traveling in FL and made a quick overnight stop on Living the Dream before heading to Animal Kingdom, just a day before the park closed. Then Gary and Shelley Kerr flew down and stayed a couple of nights before they headed to Key West. We met some new boating friends David & Hannah de Regt looping aboard “Highwind”. They kindly offered to take us out near the Kennedy Space Center launch site to watch the SpaceX launch on Sunday morning. A beautiful day for a morning cruise with lots of dolphins playing in the wake, but unfortunately the launch was aborted at the last second. Maybe well get another opportunity to see a launch before we leave in a couple of weeks. Here’s some of our favorite photos from the week…

Sunrise from the back deck; look close and you’ll see the dolphin
This chubby guy is getting a sip of water from a leaky hose dripping under the dock behind our boat.
These guys are fun to watch and have no fear of humans.
Very sloth like!
Mary at Pier 222 for live music and libations.
Fun in the sun with the band at Pier 220
Mary is really good at lots of things, but chilling on the desk is a favorite.
Beautiful sunset at Pier 220
The Kerr’s having fun at Dixie Crossroads…. this place has amazing “rock shrimp”
Photo from the anchorage near the Kennedy Space Center Launch Site. The boaters we rafted up with were Ferrell & Tamara Shaffer on-board “Empty Nest” from Austin Texas. They were headed south on their way back to Texas.

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

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