Space Coast \ Vegas

After the fun time in Cocoa Beach we took a short voyage north to Titusville. The day started with a “bang” when Larry was going through the pre-cruise checklist which included load testing the ‘bow thruster’. The 24 VDC system that powers the bow thruster has 2 large marine batteries connected in series. One of these large batteries decided it was time to explode so there was a loud bang followed by the spread of plastic and battery fluids all over the engine compartment. After about an hour of clean-up, we decide that we needed to get underway (without a bow thruster) in order to make an appointment in Titusville.

Parking the boat in Titusville was a bit of an adventure not so much due to the lack of a bow thruster and a moderate wind, but largely due to the ‘very tight’ fit of a wide beam boat (14’7″) into a skinny slip. We managed to squeeze in but it required fenders and patience. After docking we literally ran to the Titusville Playhouse to see a wonderful play (Something Rotten), which started at 2PM. After the Play, we did a pub crawl on the way back to the boat and saw some sights of Titusville — Space view park and Old Bank Tavern. We settled in for the evening and had two nights to prepare before we headed out to Las Vegas for Larry’s quarterly Board of Directors meeting with the Desert Club Resort. The Raiders stadium looks like it is almost complete!(see picture below) We’ve got a lot of ‘boat related tasks’ planned for March while we travel in and out of the state. Repairs to a dingy, 1000 hour diesel engine servicing, more canopy work, etc…… We will be seeing TN friends and relatives this month as we take a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Western Caribbean for 7-days and then celebrate our grandson’s (James Allen Bailey) first birthday in Disney. Larry also managed to get a couple of tickets to see Eric Church in late March in Kissimmee.

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We are loving life and our new adventure in retirement! We are very social people and want to invite all our friends and family to join us at anytime during this adventure of a lifetime!

2 thoughts on “Space Coast \ Vegas

  1. Enjoying your blog and photos. Bet the explosion from the bow thruster was loud! We remember the parking of your boat when we came to visit last November……You guys are used to small slips……but perhaps not quite as small as in Titusville.


  2. Never heard of a battery exploded under load like that guys. You had a new phenomenon! I can imagine the mess though. I did have a battery break on impact in my old Bronco. Sorry! Your “ashore” schedule is strenuous! You will be ready for sea when you get back to the Loop! Have a great cruise with everyone! Be safe! Stan and Tish.


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